Development of a characterization system for MOS wafers

OData support
Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

My task was to reconstruct and automate the C-V profiler that is being used to evaluate the assembly line in the Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science. Moreover I implemented a program to compute the parameters determined by the C-V measurement and to display the measured graphs.

As a first step I familiarized myself with the theoretical background of C-V measurement, the measured features and how to compute those and I also learned about the design and usage of MOS capacities. All of this is summarized in the second chapter of my thesis. Afterwards I explain how the profiler is set up and how to use the equipment.

For the next subtask I dived into learning LabVIEW programming and with the help of my thesis advisor I developed a program capable of controlling the measurement equipment. My thesis also describes the design of the program and how to use it. Lastly I show the MATLAB code that evaluates and displays the measured data.

The final chapter contains the test measurement results of the new profiler and possible future developments.


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