Using SiC based semiconductors in household solar power plants

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis introduces the fundamentals of planning PV inverters. First of all it specifies an inverter for planning procedure. Then it summarises the requirements for PV inverters, emphasizes the safety standards.

It deals with the types of semiconductor and their features. The thesis describes the semiconductor technologies. It focuses on the wide bandgap materials and solutions, mainly the SiC based ones. It presents the SiC based semiconductors which are used in practice. It compares them with Si based ones. Apart from them the thesis examines the loss calculation of semiconductors and illustrates them.

In this thesis the basic features and materials of magnetic components with state of art technologies are presented. It summarises the typical capacitor types and its attributes. The varistors are subjected of this thesis as well.

In the end the thesis summarises the thermal considerations for PV inverters. The reader can find information for using of thermal parts of datasheets in the thesis.


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