Design of Siemens steam turbine protection system

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Applying steam turbines in power production and several industrial processes has no long term alternative. Siemens designs, produces and commissions a wide scale of steam turbines. In the Budapest center the protection system design of industrial (2 250 MW) size steam turbines takes place. Even in this size the turbines are highly configurable and there are a few hundred signals to handle during the design which must be performed according to customer needs.

The control system of steam turbines is being realized in SPPA-T3000 environment. The system performs open and closed loop control, as well as protection functions. The purpose of this thesis work is to design and implement the protection system of the turbine in SPPA-T3000 environment.

In the first part I am summarizing the steam turbine application areas, structure and their operation. This is followed by designing a protection system of an actual steam turbine. Listing the necessary signals and their hardware distribution is taking place. Preparation and implementation of the protection functions in software is being done. Finally I design and implement a simple dynamic model of a steam turbine which is suitable for testing some functions of the protection software.


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