Six sigma and lean methods in electronics manufacturing

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

In the first part of my thesis I introduce the two most popular enterprise management methods in the electronics industry: Six Sigma and Lean. I detail the DMAIC tool, in which I highlight the most important analysis tools, such as value stream mapping and hypothesis analysis. The introduction of Lean principles and waste types are also the part of my research and I close the first part with a detailed comparison between Six Sigma and Lean.

I work on three Lean development projects in the second half of my thesis, which were carried out in automotive industry environment. I investigate the possibilities of a cost reduction in an existing, high runner product from material point of view. I evaluate the cheaper alternative materials instead of the currently used CuSn6 leadframe. The analysis and evaluation are done from corrosion resistance, weldability and thermal behavior point of view.

From production side, I have carried out two other Lean projects during my work. I have achieved a more efficient equipment utilization by reconstructing the capacitor feeder system from inline to offline concept. In addition, I have realized the disadvantages of the packages of the potting materials. I have a worked a new concept for a potting material supply to our existing production lines. As a result of that I have achieved a significant reduction of downtime.


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