Scale practicing application for Windows Phone

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The upcoming thesis is about designing and developing a scale practising application for Windows Phone platform. The motivation to create this program was to give guitar players an opportunity to practice basic scales and to help them set up their instruments for this task.

The program uses its own database to collect all the scales and their notes which are important to the user, and it also stores the highest score to each of these scales. These scores can be found at a separate page. A simple user interface supports the practice method. During a practice session the notes of the chosen scale are animated across the screen, while the microphone of the device identifies the notes played by the user. The task is to play the incoming notes at the right time in the right order. At a given point these two notes are compared, and the program uses the result of this comparison to rate the performance of the player. In addition, a tuner is implemented in the application, which can be used to set the strings of the guitar according to the proper tuning. Moreover, there is also a metronome, which helps the improvement of the rhytmical skills by sounding a signal at the desired tempo rate.

First, the thesis gives a short outline of the Windows Phone platform regarding the circumstances of its estabilishment, important differences and innovations compared to its rivals. Then it specificates the requirements of the application, makes a short detour to the basics of designing a user interface, and shows the graphical sketches to each function. Finally, it guides us through the main steps of the implementation procces with examples, and list some ideas on the future improvement of the program.


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