Displaying objects with scalable quality in WebGL

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays due to the technical development level, the quality and speed of 3D content visualization in browsers is similar to the visualization of native applications. Presently the available bandwidth is increasing gradually, however the size of the displayed contents is increasing too, but with bigger rate. The number of users is increasing significantly in the developing countries, where the network is still not fast enough to enjoy the contents in the best quality. Because of this, the content providers offer more options to choose quality of the displayed images and videos, but this option in not available for 3D contents.

3D objects based on NURBS can be approximated only with variable detailed polygon mesh (tessellation) because of their structure, so scalable quality can be defined in the case of 3D contents as well.

The goal of my thesis is to design and implement a system to display scaled quality objects with the 3D displaying technology WebGL which is compatible with the modern browsers.

In the first chapter I review the bandwidth limited media content delivery services. In the second chapter I summarize the possibilities of displaying 3D objects in browser. In the third chapter I design a general framework which can display various detailed objects in WebGL, and I also implement the server side delivery system for the objects. In the fourth chapter using this framework I design and create a sample implementation. Using this application I show how to load and display models dynamically. In the fifth chapter I test the sample implementation and compare the results with QoE metrics.


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