SkillTree: Visualize progress & Motivate people for self development

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis, I wanted to create a software that is going to be useful in some real life area, it does not just fill the role of being a thesis. In my current job, I hear a lot of problems about finding people with certain skills and skill levels, it takes a lot of time and resources to actually find the right people.

I figured I would create a software that makes all this easy. It allows us to group people by different skills, easy to maintain. Since this software shows all this information to us through a graphical user interface, where we can actually gain points, like in a game, and the progress is clearly visible, it reminds people of an online avatar. This might help motivate people for self-development and learning.

The software’s server side layer, API was written in JavaScript language, using the NodeJS framework. I choose MongoDB to be the database, because I was trying to use the same unified language in the whole software, which is JavaScript, and MongoDB allows us to stick to this rule. The visualization layer was written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Special, more difficult graphical elements were created with the help of PixiJS open source library.

In my thesis, I will demonstrate what technologies I used, why I choose them, why are they important. I will illustrate the elements with pictures and diagrams, then show some code parts and explain how it works.

I will create a User’s Guide for the software, which helps use the software easily and effectively, however I tried to make the program as simple as possible, and obvious to use without any problems or the need of reading the User’s Guide.


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