Diagnostic and regression context of Smart Service Routers

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This document is written as a MSc~thesis at the Electrical Engineering and Informatics Faculty, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The main concept is concerned in the diagnostics of Ericsson Smart Sevices Routers.

As a fact that the software and hardware complexity of these routers are quite big, this document gives us rather an introduction than a deep analysis.

With the reading of this paper, we will be able to imagine the set-up of such a big router, and the tasks of each part.

And when I say set-up I mean the variety of Switch, Smart Services and Line cards.

Over and above we will get acquainted with a Smart Services Card both architecturally and functionally.

Furthermore we get to know with the regression environment, the process of the automatic testing and the working of a complex FPGA.

The student's task was to write a framework for testing of an FPGA's functionality on a Smart Services Card.

To achieve this, it was indispensable to handle a bunch of tools like Git, Jenkins, Gerrit, Xilinx SDK etc..., and acquire not only some scripting knowledge (Bash, TCL, Expect, Python, NDI), but minor web-programming skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL).


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