Development of a Software As A Service type appointment booking system

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the world of web developing we can hardly say that our application is ready, we finished the work. We have to measure up to the technical features, varying user requirements and the new expectations of our customers.

These things are the same in the case of my thesis about an online booking system. I participate in the development since the spring of 2013, when the project had started. We published the first release one year after that. However we didn’t stop developing. We are trying to satisfy the market’s requirements and implement new features based on the feedback of our customers and our conception.

At the very beginning of my thesis I review generally the characteristics of online reservation. I roughly present what Software as a Service means. After that, I come to the aim of my thesis.

After the introduction I show a short summary about the server- and client side technologies I used during the development. Before I get into the details of the application’s extension, I introduce the core of it.

I also write about the operation support work I’ve done beyond developing the software. At the end I rate my job and suggest some opportunities for further development.


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