The design and realization of a multichannel sound field reproduction system

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Firtha Gergely
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During the evolution of audio systems, the need became stronger to reproduce not only the volume of the audio sources, but the proper sense of direction as well. Today’s leading solutions are mainly such versions of cinema systems, that were designed for home usage. Such systems are the Dolby Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1. The common principle of these systems is the proper controlling of several speakers placed around a fixed spot (which is the so-called Sweetspot) in a specified geometry.

These systems due to their practicality and low price became widely used, the majority of multimedia content is compatible with them. Another great advantage is that these are compatible with older solutions as well.

The problem is that they don’t reproduce the wavefield physically, therefore the sense of direction is only appropriate in the sweetspot.

A solution to this problem is the method of Wave Field Synthesis. It achieves the physical reproduction of the wave field in a wider area of inspection with the proper controlling of each speaker in an array of many small speakers with different signals.

There is no widely available realization of WFS systems, because it has many problems. Several factors result in contradictory requirements, therefore a compromise must be made.

This dissertation presents the designing of a WFS-compatible speaker system. The theoretical principles, and the details of a planned system will be shown. A prototype was made from each element of the system for testing purposes, these tests are also detailed.


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