Communication interface design for the SolarBoat ship

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

SolarBoat is a boat which utilizes solar power. It was constructed by undergraduates and each part of the boat was made by different engineering associations. These associations are made up of students from different majors – like designers, engineers, economists, information specialist etc. – from university. On the surface of the boat, many solar cells are located that generate the current for the battery and the engine. Thus a lot of electric apparatus can be found on board, for example electric motor, relays, batteries and an engine-battery-contoller. One of the most crucial parts of the whole kit is the central commanding system, which allows us to monitor the condition of the boat throughout sensor information, and if necessary it is guaranteed to take actions action remotely if something goes wrong. My job is concentrated on this part of the boat. I had to design and build it up using an embedded system (MyRio) and sensors. The gathered data is transferred through various wireless methods to a mobile phone where it is partially processed, and forwarded to a central database. In the database the information is then stored to be analyzed for later usage. Also I created a web page to present the statistics of the processed data with a slight delay. From this interface we are able to control the operation of the boat remotely. May any dangerous occurrence happen the boat can be turned off instantly, thus preventing any serious damage or accident.


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