Control Strategy Optimization for a Series Hybrid Electric Bus

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Dr. Kádár István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I build a simulation model of a series hybrid drive bus, then I show the possible control strategies for an energy-saving operation. First I give a brief overview of the vehicle drive simulations and make a vehicle model driven by an internal combustion engine and another model driven by an asynchronous motor. I also present a simulation of a permanent magnet generator. The models and the simulations are made in the MATLAB/Simulink environment.

In the following I give an overview of the operation of the battery management systems, and I present the model and the simulation results of the developed model.

I present the full model of the series hybrid bus describing all the functional elements, and I give the method of the parameterization. I examine how the forces acting on vehicle body can be taken into account in the simulation. The vehicle control strategy are stored in a state machine. I give an overview of the parameterization and the operation of the state machine. The model can programmed to any route. I describe the method of the programming, and I optimize a drive cycle for a given route.

Finally I recommend an operation method of the hybrid drive, and I analyze the the simulation results in point of view of the energy consumption.


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