Series watcher application for mobile clients

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these modern days the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets become more and more our lives’ must have devices. They offer various services to the end user and they can be with us almost non-stop because of their mobility.

The appearance of these devices opened a way for the users to manage their everyday tasks whenever and wherever they want. These tasks include work meetings, administrational works, but such personal things also, like the premier of a new film, what the user wants to see.

The developers’ job is to produce such applications that can handle both the regular task management, and field specific task management. There are already many applications on the market with general purposes like calendar applications, but in order to give the user more comfort services various field specific applications are present too.

Many people spend their time in front of the television or computers watching tv shows. Because of this it makes necessary to develop an application, which allows the users to search for and manage their favorite shows.

During my work I have implemented a Windows Phone based application, which tries to satisfy the need of a tv shows tracking application. This also required implementing the backend side of the application, which provides the data for the front-end. An android application has been created too. During this documentation I will talk about these applications and the system they create together.


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