Developing a TV Series Tracker Application on ASP.NET and Android

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Everyone wants to spend their leisure time with relaxing and not thinking about their daily problems. For this a lot of people choose watching series, which is not a miracle, because they can find something easily, what is close to their style. Nowadays, when the Internet is everywhere, series are grown bigger than TV and people can find them in the Internet, which results they can watch them any time they like not just in a fix period of the day.

As more and more people choose series, a lot of them come up with new needs in connection with watching them, for example a service, which gives them up-to-date information about various series. Besides this, they want to keep in record episodes they watched for each of them, this helps them remember which is the next episode. Of course for this, it is necessary to create the possibility of connection with social network.

The goal of my thesis to develop an application, which can completely serve these needs. For people to feel completely comfortable, this application is developed for smart phones, which are indispensable in our lives these days. In order to provide its functions properly, I support it with an own web background.

In this thesis, after a short introduction I’m going to introduce the features and opportunities of ASP.NET Core platform what is the base of the web applications. After that I’m going to introduce my web application which I wrote on this platform. I’m going to cover how it can keep its data After I’m going to present the Android platform and its developmental opportunities. The next part of the thesis is going to be the introduction of my Android application, which is going to use the functions of the programme, which I mentioned earlier. I’m going to refer the external libraries, which I used during the development. I’m going to review for both platforms the problems, which came up during the creation of the applications, their solutions, the programming techniques and patterns which I used. I’m going to present the tests, which is made for the completed applications. In the end of my thesis as a further reflection I’m doing to trace the possible visions and improvements.


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