Series Tracker Application for Android

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Digital gadgets are getting more and more essential nowadays, as the world changing faster and faster. Among these devices, smartphones play a crucial role. There are many different operating systems, due to the high number of smart devices. Among these operating systems, Android has the biggest user base. This provides excellent opportunity for complex but customizable application distribution.

In our world of smartphones, smart TVs and internet, there are numerous TV shows to watch for the consumers. It’s getting hard for the users to keep on track with the ever-expanding digital content. For example, it’s a common problem among users, who watch multiple TV shows, to keep track which episode they last viewed.

The purpose of this thesis is to get acquainted with modern Android technologies, and create the prototype application with the help of them. This application must meet the needs of the users. During the development of the application, the student must aim to maximize both the user experience and easy usability.


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