Designing a Sous Vide heater device

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

The main goal of this thesis work was the planning and assembling of a Sous vide slow cooker. This includes the research of current scientific results in slow cooking, creation of the device specification, listing the necessary functions, acquisition of device parts, planning the device block diagram and software, building and starting up the prototype, and finally, the optimization and system identification of the prototype.

Some of the most important viewpoints were the convenient user interface, the wide variety of settings, and a reliable and informative error logging system. A device, which satisfies the foregoing points is meant to fill a significant market gap in the market of slow cooking devices.

First, a literature research was performed, then the work continued with the selection of specified components, and planning of the control system. A system identification was also performed with the assembled prototype. The work was finished with the preparation of the wiring diagram.


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