Comparing special thermocouples for vapour phase soldering monitoring

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I have compared special thermocouples during vapor phase soldering. During my research I got acquainted with the process and physics of vapor phase soldering. I have conducted research on temperature measurement. I have known different devices for temperature measurement and heat profiling. I got to know the heat profile of reflow soldering and its configuration options.

Then I made a test to compare the special thermocouples I chose. I got acquainted with the tools available at the university and their settings. My experiments can be divided into three main parts. First, I performed calibration measurements with the university's experimental vapor soldering machine. Then, in the Asscon Quicky 450 soldering machine, I measured a pre-set heat profile with thermocouples of the same type and later with mixed thermocouples.

When evaluating the results I examined the heat profiles according to different aspects. This indicates that the thermocouple influences the pre-programmed heat profile. The best results were obtained with the PFA-covered thermocouple. However, the choice of the recommended special thermocouple depends on the application area and the particular measurement conditions.


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