Developement of an outdoor scene graphical application using special input controls

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Computer games rapidly improved over the last decade. Not only the quality and the detail of computer graphics evolved, but also new input devices appeared on the market. These input devices can significantly improve user experience, even for ordinary games. However these devices only available for video game consoles, not for PC. A PC game could have a great advantage, if it would use special input. In this paper, a game presented, which uses special input with ordinary devices. Instead of using keyboard and mouse for controlling a game, it uses two mice. Usually in computer games, the weapons always shoot to the middle of the screen, the aiming becomes less challenging. In this game, the user does the aiming with the two mice. One is used for positioning the head of the weapon, the other is used for positioning the tail of the weapon. The weapon would not shoot only to the middle of the screen, but anywhere, even side direction. Two mice have enough buttons to control not just shooting and reloading, but movement also.

Today almost every user has internet connection. Playing against only computer could become boring very easily. It is a basic requirement for a game, that it has multiplayer option, so the players can fight each other, or solving quests together. This game has multiplayer, it uses an open source network engine, which capable of real-time network messaging. It can host games on the internet, or on the local network.

In a computer game, it is important, that the player’s movement is not limited to a small area. An open environment with terrain could provide better experience for the players. However displaying detailed terrain requires huge computing capacity. This game uses an algorithm, which can display large terrains with minimal loss of quality.


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