Design of an environment monitoring system applicable in special conditions

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Kovács Zoltán György
Department of Electron Devices

I designed a weather station applicable in harsh environment as my thesis. I also realized a working prototype of the instrument. I analyzed various types of weather stations available on the market, several methods for measuring the wind speed and wind direction and thermometer chips. I decided to use ultrasound for the wind measurement. I examined different sensor arrangements for maximum accuracy. After selecting the appropriate geometry, I developed the algorythm required for calculating the wind vector from its components measured in different directions. I introduced the extensively used principle in wind speed measurement and examined a general electronic circuit based on it. I analyzed the errors derived from the principle and suggested methods for their elimination. In view of the preceding information, I designed a weather station capable of highly precise wind and temperature measurement. I established a connection point to an other system, allowing the measurement unit to operate even when its baseplane is altered. I made the connection of other sensors and an external power supply possible. I chose an appropriate control unit and designed the connection between the system and a computer for data communication and visualisation purposes. I picked adequate sensors for the wind measurement unit and precise analogue chips for signal processing. I designed a printed circuit board to realize my conception. I developed a program to test all the units on the board and an algorythm for the measurement. Although the mechanical structure has to be redesigned for appropriate stability, the results of the measurements are reassuring.


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