Searching of specification and recipe objects with Enterprise Search in SAP PLM

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The goal of my thesis is to present the Enterprise Search technology, what development projects have I took place in, and introduce those projects in detail from the requirements to the finished product.

In the first chapter I will introduce the SAP software developing company where my thesis was done.

In the next part, I will present the Product Lifecycle Management and two of its important business objects, the Recipe and Specification, which are used in the projects.

During the third chapter, I will introduce the used technologies, the ABAP programming language, the Web Dynpro programming model making web based development possible, the Floorplan Manager, which is relevant to the Web Dynpro, and finally the base technology of my development, the Enterprise Search.

In the forth chapter, we will jump into the real projects. I will present how I made the composition based Specification search possible. I’ll introduce the process of the new Recipe search according to percentage occurrence of lines within the Recipe formula. And thirdly, I will introduce a new project, which is not stated in the thesis requirements, the Recipe search based on assigned plant. All three projects will be digested from the beginning requirements, through the design and the end of the development.

In the final chapter I will briefly talk about my opinion of the projects and al that I learned in this time.


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