Spectrumanalyzer, implemented on PCDSP6 DSP board

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Dr. Gaál József
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Inventing Digital Signal Processors (DSP) was a huge step in technology, because it allowed the efficient implementation of many signal processing algorithms which were impossible before. Learning to use digital signal processors is not only about soving a problem, it is also about using the hardware resources with very high efficiency.

In my thesis work I developed a program for a Digital Signal Processor which can inspect the spectrum of an input signal with zoom-FFT algorithm. My task was to study the necessary theories, to design the signal processing network and FIR filters. Finally I implemented the algorithm on a Texas Instument's TMS320C6416 processor using C programming language. A windows host application was also necessary to send control instructions and to display the calculated spectrum samples. It was important to pay attention to the timing requirements during the whole design process to reach the highest possible speed of the algorithm. I also discuss the time measurements of the final product.


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