Sports tracker application for Android

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Our society nowadays is becoming more and more reliable and depending on smartphones or similar handheld devices, demanding easy to use, straightforward and useful applications. Users tend to define themselves by buying certain brands or doing popular activities and these trends are observable in the application market as well. In this thesis project, I aim to develop a sport tracker application for Android to provide aid for those, who like keeping track of their progress in certain activities. So every time we go further while training and making progress it is easy to share and celebrate those moment with our friends through social media.

The application is a tracker that uses location coordinates provided by the smartphone’s GPS, mobile network and WIFI. These locations are saved into a local database on the phone which is reached using a three tier layered architecture. The trajectories and details are displayed on the map providing a user friendly method to visualize information about workouts and later even share them through social media.

The thesis focuses on the design and development of such an application, building upon the framework made during project laboratory. The latest Android technologies are used to achieve a user friendly interface which is one of the most important aspects in application development nowadays. Amongst many others these technologies are the Navigation Bar, TabHost and ViewPager. The application provides mechanisms to be able to sign in using Facebook or the applications own login methods. User information is saved on a separate server for security reasons. Users are also presented with multiple profiles which could be used for different activities and to spare battery life.


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