Webcms for sport facilities

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the healthy lifestyle becomes more and more importart and that includes doing sports regularly. Women and men that would like to do sports and sports instructors have great demand for information. With the rapid development of the technology, there are a variety of solutions to meet these demands. There are a plenty of applications on the market that help with measuring and analyzing your performance. However, applications to support the organization are not available in the same number. My thesis offers solution to this problem.

The main goal of the system designed in my thesis is to present the available choices for doing sports in Budapest, and at the same time it provides a platform for sports facilities to advertise and sell their products. Besides, the completed system provides informations and statistics to sports instructors.

In the first chapter, I make an overview of the operation of a sports facility and of a website, focusing on the management of classes, instructors and pitch reservations.

In the second chapter, I specify and design an administration system that manages the available classes, instructors and besides provides informations of other opportunities like pitch reservations and I present the content management systems available in the market.

In the third chapter, I implement a web application that meets the specification.

In the fourth chapter, I test and evaluate the work done and in the fifth chapter, I make suggestions for further development.


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