Developement of a sport activity monitoring social app

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays we’re paying more and more attention to our healthy lifestyles. One of its most important parts is having sufficient amount of regular physical activity. In result of our World’s technological advancements, nearly everybody has a smartphone and with its provided features sporting activities can be maintained and monitored in a much better way. These days the concept of society has also become very important to us and connecting a smart device to the Internet gives the opportunity to use many social features and services.

As my thesis I took the completion of a sporting activity tracker Android application that has social functionality too, which means I also have to design and implement the server-side components besides the client application.

The application’s functionality focuses on running (and walking). Users can create accounts for themselves, filling their credentials they can log in. Logged in users can make friends with each other, check each other’s profiles. They can start running trainings with multiple target types which after they have the option to share it. Shared trainings are visible for the actual user’s friends on their news feed where they can inform about its statistics, see its route on the map, like or comment below it.

Within my thesis my tasks are to specify the exact functionality of this application, to look over and choose the right ones from the available technologies for implementing the client and also the server side after the designing of them, to present the finished system and make proposals of further developments.


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