Development of a web application for organizing sport events on Spring platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days the virtual communities have a more inportant role than in the past. So people can easily contact each other. For example Facebook, Instagram or online datings. My thesis aims to develop a web application. In this web application users can organize events and sign up to these events then participate in them. The organizers with this web application can easily coordinate university sports day.

My job was to plan this web application, where users can sign up with two different roles. These roles have different functions. The first role is the organizer, who creates the sport events. The organizer specifies the events location, date, check-in date, number of applicipant, optional entry fee, description and the type of sport. The organizer can assign team or athelete to different fixtures, and update them with the results. Another user role is the athlete, who can apply for sport events. The athlete can join an event individually or with a team. The athlete can create teams, join teams and leave teams. Both of these roles can create a new type of sport, after which it can be used by other users as well, to create a team or event.

The thesis presents a short introduction before the design and then the steps of the development as well as the technologies used during the development. Finally, I highlight more interesting problems and how I solved them. The thesis is closed with a short summary.


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