A web-based sport betting tips management framework

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, we can find a variety of betting websites across the internet. These pages provide tips to the users who can use them in different combinations in betting offices. Page editors must collect everyday tips and sort them per various criteria, which requires a long time. This collection process could be automated to spare the page editor’s valuable working hours.

Within the scope of my thesis, I implemented a web application in the new .NET Core framework, creating an automated process for collection of tips and providing a solution to this problem. Furthermore, users can share their experience with each set of tips and show their own placed coupons. To deliver a suitable solution, I have used a wellproven client-server architecture, which works perfectly in multi-user systems. My application consists of a server page written in a .NET Core framework and of a client web application based on Angular framework. The client application communicates with the server via HTTP requests.

However, non-functional requirements must be met, as well. In the software development industry, it is of critical importance to create reliable, safe, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-test software products. To meet these goals, I have applied a variety of design patterns. Moreover, I present a security analysis of my software in my thesis and I describe the effectiveness of the tests written for the application.


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