Developing an application giving sports betting tips using Java based technologies

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays client applications show a growing size. It is unavoidable to create a server-side component for a mobile application which needs to store essential data to achieve user experience. Also, due to the progression of HTML and related technologies, the old style thick-clients are replaced by thin clients over HTTP. Thick clients needed to be updated by the users, which was not practical and user friendly, but with the use of them, users could solve complex tasks with convenient user interface. With today’s browsers and HTTP technologies, the same functionality can be achieved.

A various number of framework was born to help the development, which prevents the developer to face the often encountered problems. One of the most common framework is the Spring framework, which is due to its modularity, it ensures only the needed functions.

My task, is to learn the Spring Framework and its associated components. Then putting this knowledge into practice by implementing a web application. The main purpose of this application is giving betting hints to registered users.

Premium members can receive premium hints, which are more accurate and has bigger chance to win. User has to pay for premium membership, the financial transaction is managed by an online payment interface managed by OTP bank.

The entities are persisted into relation database via Hibernate ORM framework.

For the sake of mobility an Android client is also created. This application communicates with a REST endpoint which is connected with the CORE system via JMS messaging channel.


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