Developing a sports betting web application on Spring platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays betting on sport events is a very popular activity. It is a way of making the sport games more exciting and entertaining to watch, a money making method, and also it can have great impact on forming and keeping communities together. The conventional way of betting on sport events is to go to a lottery and fill a ticket, but in the 21st century, as the internet became a fundamental part of people’s everyday life, there are more and more websites that provide the functionality to bet on sport events with various features and options, involving almost every professional sport.

The topic of this thesis is about developing such a sports betting web application, which can provide the neccessary functions to keep track of the data of the users and the sport events, and provide a user interface for the players to use the application. They can create their own account, login with the authentication an authorization processes, get access to their own data and modify it, and get access to the sports betting database so they can create their own bets with the available virtual currency present on their account.


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