Sport game development with natural interaction

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Dr. Magdics Milán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my diploma thesis, I created a football video game. This kind of game consists of many details, for example character modelling, creating animations, or implementation of the game logic and control.

I created two teams with 22 footballer models, where an important consideration of the models was to look differently from each other. One of them was based on a real human with real photos for the textures.

To implement the animations, I went to a Motion Capture laboratory, where I could record real human motions. From the finished recording I had to cut the relevant motions and many times, these motions had to be repeatable animations. After, from these finished animations I had to make a state machine, where I could set up which animations follow which and how.

Besides animations, I had to implement the game control, the game logic and the game physics, where it was important to be realistic and the game had to provide a good user experience. These include actions like, for instance, dribbling, shooting at the football goal, or how a player can determine where to jump for the ball.

For the good gaming experience I had to implement artificial intelligence for the opposing team, for which I had to learn the football tactics and rules, for example when it is worth passing or to shoot the ball at the football goal, or how to find the best position for the player.

The user can control the players with natural interaction too, in addition to the standard keyboard and gamepad controls. For this, I used the Kinect, which has a multi-camera system to monitor user’s movement and, according to this movement, controls the players.


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