Development of a web application for sport talent search using Javascript technologies

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Football clubs are putting more and more effort into finding new, young players. They employ scouts for these tasks, who visit matches where the observed players are playing, and make reports about them. In these reports, they rate different abilities of the given player, e.g. their ability of controlling the ball. After the scouts have made their reports, the managers summarise them and choose the most suitable player for the given role.

Currently, the scouts do not use any types of digital devices to create these reports, it seems like the technological evolution has not yet reached this field. The reports are being made on paper, which later gets processed and archived. Thinking about small clubs, this does not mean too much difficulties for them, but considering larger clubs, where can be even multiple teams, managing these processes is getting more and more complex. A modern, computer based solution could greatly improve the manageability of these processes.

The goal of my thesis was developing a system, which makes managing the above mentioned searching processes easier for the clubs. This means creating a client, and also a backend, which serves it.

The application lets managers add scouts and players to discoveries. Scouts can make reports of these players, where they can make notes and rate them based on various properties.


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