Native mobile application for sport talent acquisition using JavaScript technologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Scouts are one of the key people in a football club, whose job is to continuously look for new talents. Their goal is to discover players for certain positions posted by their club. Therefore, they go to football matches each week, where they write reports based on what they have seen.

Scouts use inefficient tools to this day, which could be replaced by a mobile software specifically made for them. The goal of my thesis work is to describe one such application, which aims to make a scout’s job clearer and more productive.

The application manages all responsibilities of a scout at one place. Each position has a description, which lists all players added to this discovery. Every player has a detailed profile, which includes all reports written about them. These reports offer many options to capture every aspect of a player’s performance.

The application was built with React Native, which is a cross-platform, JavaScript-based framework. This technology enabled us to deploy the application with a shared codebase, and to reduce development cost.

This solution can be further improved: the application could track football matches, notify the user about upcoming deadlines and fully function offline.

In my thesis work I describe the used technologies, the steps of designing and implementing the application, and all considerations and choices associated with these.


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