Implementing a Business Management Application for Fitness Center in Laravel Framework

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis's objective is to create a software that helps controlling a Sports Center. To my mind, despite the overbought market, it is possible to find a viable option through innovations to put a new software on the market.

The goal of the program is to ease the employees's daily administrative tasks. Minimising potential mistakes is key to help, fasten and partly automate everyday actions.

I created a web-based app that is composed of modules since it brings numerous advantage compared with desktop apps. It removes the charge from the tool of client, so processes can be fulfilled with mobiles.

In the system we are able to create and modify entities that are necessary to manage the establishment (employee, room, store-room, machines, tickets, products etc.). After every operation the system synchronizes with other users who utilize the app at the same time, so unexpected incidences can be easily avoid.

By the cration of the users it is obligatory to attach their roles, so they get permission only for modules and functions those are enabled by us. The employee is unable to access contents without permission since the non-stop running app checks every action constantly.

By testing of the software in various environments like PC and mobile, I carried out different actions, and so amended the interface, that the usage of the software becomes as comfortable as it is possible on every display.


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