Design of the building automation sistem in a sport-court

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The topic of my final thesis to design a building automation of a sport facility with the usage of a building management system. For these I have chosen a KNX system because it can be applied in wide rage, it is reliable and compatible with other system. With the help of the building management we can create a secure, comfortable and energy-efficient sport complex.

First of all, I asked for permission from the facility manager to use the building’ plans and to visit it.

Then I analyzed the fire safety regulation concerning to the building. It covered the smoke ventilation and exhaust, smoke detection, warning sound and light signals. After that, I made a connection between the fire safety and the KNX system.

The current lighting system of the building is outdated and it is partly damaged. The new planned lighting system can be controlled by KNX and where it is reasonable the brightness can be controlled. With the help of presence detector the uptime of the lighting can be decreased. In the office section it can also decrease the shading, because during summer every side of the building is shined by the sun. To measure the sunshine and outside temperature I planned a meteorological station on the roof.

The ventilation that in case of fire can exhaust smoke, on the one hand it can be controlled by fire safety devices and the other hand through KNX air quality sensors can control. I designed opening sensor to increase the heating energy efficiency and the intrusion protection.

The main building’s current heating is a modern, high efficient, weather compensation condensing boiler that I connected with LON/KNX gate to the system. In the air-conditioned places I planned fan coil while where only heating is necessary I designed radiator with an intervening electric valve actuator. The sport hall’s heating consists of dark radiation heating units. These are all controlled by KNX.

As a final step I defined the place, physical and logical addresses and functions of the devices.


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