Design of the electric network in a sport-court

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis my work was to plan the electric network of a sport facility including the plan of the lighting system.

First of all I planned the lighting system and using the results I calculated the required electrical power. Here I presented the building mechanical system: for example the ventilation, or the cooling system. I scaled the electricity system using these calculations. I chose the optimal wire sizes, and after that I calculated the voltage drops. For the scaling of the overcurrent protection I calculated fault currents. Finally I presented the shock protection and the surge protection.

This sport-court in my thesis is a modernization of a court which already exists. The original facility has built before the ’80, so its electrical system is not compatible with the modern needs. My goal was to introduce the design of a modern and safe electric network. For this I added to the buildings some modern functions, that show the needs of nowadays. My primary consideration when choosing equipment was the energy efficiency and the economical operation. For the planning the system I took into account the current standards and also the compatibility with the building management system.


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