Developing a web application supporting sports field reservation on Java EE platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In everyday life people need to do activities like doing sport and moving. The goal of my thesis is designing and implementing a web application which is supporting people to fulfil their needs more easily.

Nowadays most of people are overweight, and having a lot of illnesses which caused by the lack of moving and sports. The root of this problem can be originated from the fact that people are tend to do sports but they can’t find sportplaces easily where all their needs are fulfilled.

For this reason, I started to resolve the problem by implementing a web application for reserving sportplaces on Java EE platform. I designed the three layer of the application (data, business logical, view). In the view layer implementation I used the Bootstrap and Primefaces technology to design user friendlier user interface.

After a short introduction and specification my thesis describes in details the designing of the layers, and then in the realization section some difficulties, the changing between the realization and designing and some interesting exercise are expounded. Finally, it presents the mode of testing and ends with a summary.

As a result, a web application was born, that does not exist yet according to my research, and people’s needs might be fulfilled better with this application.


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