Development of a sport fan portal on Java EE platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

I implemented a sport fan portal on Java EE platform as a plan for diploma. The portal contains a manger game which is called "fantasy football." Beside that it also possesses a forum and a news site, and a site for the admin. The game is based on players that are members of teams in the English Barclays Premier League. Registered users are allowed to create their own team. User’s players get their points from week to week depending on the result of the real Premier League that is taken place nearly every week in England.

I have chosen the Java Enterprise Editon platform from various types of technologies because at my previous employer the developments were basically done under that platform. In those times I got to like the Struts framework as well because the use of it is quick, efficient, and also eventuates a transparent development work. As part of the development work, the implementation of the business logic is a pleasure. The mentioned platform was combined with the above framework and with EJB3 as well that is one of the many existing Java APIs, and which encapsulates the business logic of an application.

I’ve been using the Netbeans IDE development environment, and its Apache Derby database and GlassFish server.


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