Development of a Spotfire plugin for thick client

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

I got a great opportunity in the preparation of my thesis within the InfomatiX Ltd. to be a part of a young and experienced developer team of Spotfire Professional (which is a desktop version data mining software) in preparing a plugin for it. In my work I mapped the general role of data mining in today’s business information technology and intelligence, then I got familiar with the usage of Spotfire and it’s functions by some walkthrough examples. Also, I examined the sample codes and API documentation given by the Tibco Software Inc. During my work I learned how to work and develop in Scrum software development methodology to implement project tasks.

I coded the plugin in C Sharp in .NET Framework. The interface between the Remote Procedure Calls for SAP Application Server and the .NET Framework is provided by the ERPConnect, which is an assembly produced by Theobald Software GmbH. The completed plugin is able to request and store the connection parameters for an SAP account. Connecting with Remote Procedure Calls to the SAP Application Server the program is able to list all the tables, InfoCubes or BEx queries, for which the user with the given connection parameters has access rights. The data of the previously selected table can be filtered by its chosen attributes and the values of those attributes before it is loaded into Spotfire as data source. In case of selecting an InfoCube, the user can slice the cube by its characteristics and key figures or can run a BEx Query of the Cube. Finally, in the 3rd option the user can select a BEx query from the list of all in order to use its result in his/her analysis in Spotfire.


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