Automatic generation of Spring components

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During multi-platform software development, we often have to solve repeating problems and sometimes we even have to write such code that could have been generated after a short configuration. The goal is to develop such an application development support tool that can help us generate skeleton code of components and the communication between them to the various platforms of a multi-platform application from the given high level description of these components. This way the development is made much easier.

The objective of the thesis is to create a module for the SOAL language that was made in our department which can generate skeletons of components based on Spring framework that can collaborate as microservices later. This means that it can generate the skeleton of files in various tiers from the data access layer through the services to a web based user interface.

The implemented solution can be easily integrated with the SOAL framework and supports systems based on both direct communication components and microservices. Not only can it generate complete components, but you can create a single class, interface, entity, enum or exception with it, so it is recommended to use for every developer who has to create repetitive classes on a regular basis.


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