Implementation of a statechart modeling environment with web-based domain-specific modeling tools

OData support
Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today, domain-specific modelling is getting more and more widespread in the field of software development. Domain-specific modelling applications are mostly capable of describing such general modelling languages as UML diagrams. Implementing UML diagrams is an excellent way to test the capabilities of the workbench.

The aim of my thesis was to study a selected UML diagram, the UML Statechart with the help of a domain-specific modelling workbench. First I had to study the current standard (UML Statechart 2.5). After this, I had to introduce the new elements into the domain-specific modelling workbench. This newly implemented solution works as a plugin of the system. It is a separated part of the system that simplifies developing domain-specific environments for another UML diagrams. To model the interaction between UML elements, I had to create the metamodel of the Statechart mechanism first. After this, with the help of the plugin, I was able to create an instance model.

During the project, I gained more experience both in client-server communication and writing plugins. I discovered new solutions and opportunities for web presentation. I studied the technology used for online presentation and I had more possibilities in this area. Both online implementations and background server-client communication got a significant role in my work.

In my work, web implementation and background server-client communication also played a very important role.

By creating the instance model and generating code with it, I was convinced of the practical benefits of the project. Through the experience gained by further testing of the model some development options have been stated that confirms the industrial usage and raison d’etre of this technical creation.


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