Developing a strategy game on HTML5

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Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Widespread use of rapidly changing computer technology and the Internet made video games a dominant part of the entertainment industry. Social networking also plays a major role in turning its users into gamers, especially when it comes to browser games. These gained expansive popularity and have the largest penetration among gamers.

Browsers do not posses enough functions for complex applications, therefore developers use third party applications, such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. These plug-ins make it possible to write games for browsers, but they require users to install third party programs.

One of the main purposes of HTML5 is to integrate these functions with the browser, making it possible to use them without any plug-ins. This improvement makes the job of developers easier, and helps standardize the now very colorful online technologies. The performance of modern browsers makes it possible for HTML5 applications to compete with older, plug-in using applications.

In the first part of my thesis, I dwell on the main aspects of the browser game development, and compare the HTML5 and third party solutions for them. In the second part of the thesis, I present the creation of a complex, multi-player game using the tools of the HTML5 platform.


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