Strategy game development using Unity3D framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Video games are one of the most popular hobbies of our age. While they help relax, they also help the player develop several important skills. This is even more accurate for strategy and management games, as they develop planning skills, memory and oversight of complex systems more than the average video game.

This thesis focuses on the two game styles mentioned above, and on combining them into a single game. The players manage colonies, ecosystems and they try to keep them alive with thoughtful planning. Meanwhile they also have to deal with the threat of the enemy, and they have to win the game with RTS elements. They do this either against others players online, or against AI players.

The game was developed in Unity3D framework, which handles all 3D graphical problems, and allows the developer to focus on game mechanics, while it also provides high level API for several other tasks. These game styles usually require a studio of several people, working for years even to produce a game with good gameplay experience, so this implementation is just a demo that focuses on the hybrid game rather than the player's experience.

Beyond developing the game, this thesis is also about providing a framework inside Unity, that allows easy extension of the game with new maps or new game modes.


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