Characterizing stress level during oscillometric blood pressure measurement

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Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Medical examinations (besides other factors) may also affected by the subject’s current stress condition. A good example is for above the so-called “white coat effect” for blood pressure measurement. As the, result, blood pressure can be significantly increased in clinical environment compared to values were measured at home. Therefore, it is important to estimate the stress level so that these physiological values can be correctly evaluated.

In the first chapter of my theses, I expound my tasks, furthermore I discuss the basic of stress, without the necessity of completeness, to examine the root causes and the effects on the body.

In the second chapter I describe the methods for determining the stress status. I mention separately the ECG-related methods and I also write about the ECG itself, because the method I have used is related to ECG.

The next chapter presents the measurements, including the measurement process and tools, the setup of measurements and the parameters of the subjects.

The next section contains the evaluation of the results. The three examined parameters, based on the analyzes, are detailed in separate subchapters. The additional subchapters are detailing the combined assaying of above three parameters, and about the connection of the second and the third parameters. The methods of the analysis the blood pressure measurement are explained in separated part.

The fifth chapter illustrates a method, which was one of my tasks, and also shows the results of this method.


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