Design of a stripline circulator

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Circulators and isolators are essential accessories for radiofrequency communication. With these it can be possible to receive and transmit information with

one antenna at the same time. As the thechnology evolves it becomes more important to design new circulators with more excellent parameters, like wider bandwith, lower loss and size and last but not least lower production prices. The design process is more efficient and faster today with the evolution of computer simulation tools. A couple of years ago, the simulation programs weren't capable to simulate accurately gyromagnetic materials, the basic element of circulators.

This thesis is about to design a stripline circulator with the help of computer simulation. In the first chapters I introduce the theoretical basics of circulators which

needs to be known to understand the functioning of it, then I go through on the main design steps. After this I present shortly the field calculation methods and the features of a computer simulation program.

Then, I will show that we can get quiet accurate results with computer simulation programs with the exact modeling of a real circulator. At last I will design a circulator with the specifics and materials given by TKI-Ferrit Kft. And I will assemble and test it too with the help of TKI-Ferrit Kft. in their laboratory.


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