Implementing a holiday and office presence registry application

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays more and more companies are offering flexible working hours to their employees, which enables the workers to customize their schedules however they wish. It’s needless to say that this has a lot of advantages – think about the employees who are forced to commute every day, and are unable to arrive at work in time; or about college students, to whom employment becomes an available option.

Flexible working hours however have their own disadvantages as well: the registration of the working schedules often become unmanageable within the companies. There’s a common need for the employees to know the working schedule of their coworkers – whether there’s a need for a business or a private meeting – the personal attendance sometimes is indispensable. With the introduction of the flexible working hours it’s not possible to know whether or not a particular employee is working at a given time.

There’s a need for a solution that enables flexible presence management and can adapt to the specific needs of the companies. The purpose of my thesis therefore is to create and present a presence registry application that allows employees to easily publish their working hours and to find out about their colleagues’ work schedules. The additional requirements include a holiday registry system, which allows the employees to apply for, review and evaluate annual leave requests.

During the implementation of this task I was focusing on creating a flexible, multi-tier architecture, which allows us to create well separatable components and an easily maintainable code base. In addition, it was important to make the inclusion of any client-sided application to the system possible, since the independence from technology provides a good opportunity to create up-to-date, easily manageable applications.


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