Integration of holiday application system with enterprise systems

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I have integrated a SharePoint based leave registration system into the corporate environment. I have invesatigated the leave request procedure in general as a first step, and then I have demostrated the process and the supporting software through an example via an application produced during my lab work. I have set up the goals and the means of achieving them as a next step. I have briefly introduced the cooperating systems and technologies focusing on their relevant parts. I have added reporting funcionality to the system through two different means. On the one hand with ShapePoint Excel Services for Excel based ad-hoc reports, and on the other hand through Reporting Services, which also allowed for automatic and scheduled report generating and saving. With using the Exchange Server Web Services the leave requests allowed to be registered and maintaned in the users’ calendar and an Out of Office message could also be set. One way synchronization with the Active Directory has been made possible on a user friendly interface I have made. I have also created a method to allow the system to automatically search for discrepancies in users’ data. I have made it possible for these new functions to be configured through a wide range of settings and I have also improved the logging capabilities. At the end of my thesis, I have outlined some ideas how the system can further be developed. As a conclusion, one can say that this application’s functions have been expanded and it has ceased to be an isolated system. It has now become more usable playing an active role among the corporate systems.


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