Absence manager web application implemented in .NET framework

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The topic of this thesis is an absence manager application, created with the commission of Intalion Rendszerintegrátor Kft. The application is named ESzTR (Egységes Szabadságtervező Rendszer)

In the first section technologies are introduced that were used in the designing and the implementation phase, including the MVC (Model View Control) software design pattern, the ASP .NET framework with the most important components, the jQuery library, the AJAX implementation and the Bootstrap. This part presents the theoretic summary of these technologies and the way they can be used in an absence manager web application, as well.

The next section contains the documentation of the created application. The description and the guide of the user interface separated for the user groups, the structure of the implementation, including the highlighted classes and methods, the description of the most important processes and the implementation and design solutions of functions can be found here. Such functions are, for example, the persistent storage, Excel document exportation, e-mail notifications, access management and responsive content.

The final section demonstrates the test of the most important processes, and recommendations for further development. Moreover, alternative solutions of the absence manager used by other companies are shown here.


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