Development of an employee leave tracking module to Oracle Time and Labor system

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I have created my thesis at Oracle Hungry Kft., more precisely in the Oracle Applications Labs organization. In this team we are responsible for internal development, maintenance and customizations. In this document I present the knowledge I have acquired of Oracle HRMS (Human Resources Management System) during my work, and introduce the fundamentals of OTL (Oracle Time and Labor) through one of my projects.

As of my work, I have designed and implemented the entire vacation and pension scheme for France. My main goal was to create a system that could handle most of the business processes while also automating it. I also had to keep an eye on the design of the validations to comply with the local law, but the system should also provide a decent user experience.

I created a custom PL/SQL package to handle the low level accrual plan calculations in the database. However, I included most of the business logic in FastFormulas so they may be modified on the fly, without any database procedure modifications. The yearly entitlements of accruals can be so easily adjusted by Payroll Specialists as well. The validations are not just restricting the user from submitting timecards that would break the laws, but they also provide useful information about the errors and possible ways to correct them.

Based on the go-live results, I can say this implementation was a success. For payroll, it is much more simplified to keep track of accrual balances for the 1600 employees. The employees are also satisfied with the results, because this enhanced OTL greatly improved their absence tracking abilities.


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