Free-text search in semi-structured data

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, every application needs some data to operate, these data are usually stored in a semi-structured format. Our e-mails, files and the entries of our events calendar do not only contain the raw information, but some meta-data as well (for example the e-mail sender, the file type), and it is often neccessary to be able to search by these meta-data besides the main content. In this case, it is useful if you can enter the search term in a so-called free-text search field, which parses it, and defines the filtering criteria. The purpose of my thesis was to develop such a search box and adapt it to multiple data sources.

My thesis demonstrates the concept of the free-text search box, I present the advantages of it, and show similar examples from various applications.

I give an insight into the used technologies, particularly the LINQ framework, which my project is mainly based on. Then I illustrate the problems that I faced during the task, and show my solutions for them.

At the end of my thesis, I demonstrate how the created component operates, I present the integration of the search field into a translation environment tool, and illustrate its functioning in a separate application as well adapted to another type of data source.


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