Freelancer-employer work administration system

OData support
Dr. Csapó Tamás Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Within the framework of my thesis I will design and implement a worklog system. The system consists of a backend and a frontend. These two components together will provide the expected behaviour of the system. My application basically has 2 types of users: freelancer employee (developer) and employer. For the employer my system provides a transparent way to have an overview about the work of the freelancer while it helps for the employee to manage his tasks and time. The freelancer works on the projects of the clients which can be divided into several tasks. Thanks to this the developer can have a clear overview about his estimations and real worktime. A simple timer helps the freelancer to track the beginning and the end of his work sections of the selected task. The employer gets a notification when the employee starts and finishes his section, therefore he can have a clear view of the process of his project. The system can create reports based on the tracked work sessions. This can simplify the invoicing and increase the transparency of the project. During the development I will always keep in mind the maintainability of the source code. Besides these I try to implement the project to make it easy to improve and add more functions.


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