Optimalization of control reserve requisition in SZTIR system

OData support
Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Maintaining a balance between electric power used by the consumers and that produced by power plants is one of the fundamental conditions of the safe operation of power systems, closely linked to the requirement to maintain system frequency within strict limits. This requires balancing power to be available continuously.

MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator Co. is planning to introduce a new software system (Information System of Control Reserves - SZTIR) to handle the following main tasks: voltage control by reactive power management, load-frequency control reserves, balancing control, network congestion management and acquiring power to cover transmission losses.

Besides technical parameters, covering the necessary amount of balancing power at minimum cost is also an important factor. Fulfilling this requirement is supported by the optimization module of SZTIR. This module aims to provide the dispatcher with a set of units capable of supplying the necessary amount of balancing power for a given time interval at minimum overall cost.

In my thesis work I summarize the main functional modules of SZTIR and give a detailed description of the operation of the optimization module. I am verifying the correct operation of the module by examining the underlying algorythm and evaluating test results obtained from the software for certain optimization cases.


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